S3 and CloudFront

This article illustrates that how can we deploy a single page application in s3(Static content), dynamic content in API gateway and access through CloudFront. CloudFront enables content caching in AWS Edge location which is nearest to the end user. In this section will go though the implementation part.

To serve the dynamic content, created the sample API Gateway endpoint and added path pattern(behavior) route in CloudFront with caching disabled to the API Gateway. There will be benefits accessing the dynamic content through the CloudFront.

1. Low latency — Request will be routed through AWS network edge location for the dynamic…

cloudflare SSL

In a earlier write, explained how to host a Raspberry Pi web server on the internet. this write will see how to secure your web site with SSL encryption.


After researching over the internet, found that cloudflare providing free https certificate. Find the following steps create SSL certificate and managing site using cloudflare

  1. Register site in cloudflare
  2. Change the name server for the DNS name
  3. Generate certificate and private key
  4. Add the configuration in web-server
  5. Restart the server and access your site with https

Register site in cloudflare

Like shown below image add dns name

Bought Raspberry PI 3 for a home project year ago. But haven’t utilized the Raspberry PI much, so thought to create my personal website. Like to share my learning on how to host raspberry pi web-server over the internet.


We all know that we can access any website through browser using DNS name. DNS name should have been mapped with our web server IP address(A record). Once IP address mapped, we need web server running to listen and reply on the IP and port. Find the below steps will dive deep into the each step

  1. Getting Free Domain
  2. Add A…

Want to share my experience with Local AWS setup, so writing this up. As a developer, I researched to use the AWS resources in local with docker container and found some of individual images. But come to know that one image with most of the AWS resources in it called LocalStack.

Here is the url for github

The following will explain how do we run LocalStack quickly to avail the AWS resources.

Running the LocalStack in your local machine is very simple. Specify the services under environment variables in the docker compose file. …

Quick glance
Quick glance

Java 14 features — peek glance

Wish to share the quick introduction on Java 14 features which I gone through recently and its very interesting. Discussing some of the Java 14 features and those are

  1. Pattern matching instanceof
  2. Record
  3. Switch expression
  4. text blocks

Pattern matching instanceof

Pattern matching instanceof simplifies the identification of type of the object and type casting. Find the syntax & example below.

* Pattern Matching Instance of.
public class InstanceOfExample {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Object input = 12;

//before Java 14…

Streaming over REST HTTP

Have done a POC to stream video over the http and hard to find the details about the HTTP streaming using JAVA. So thought to share this details. This is pretty much playing around the HTTP headers and the HTTP status code. Described the headers in details which is widely used to stream the video.

Request Headers


Range header is requested by the client that range of response data is needed by the client. In the below example client is requesting the response data from the 0 to 2000 bytes.
E.g Range: bytes=0–2000.

Response Headers


Accept Ranges header…

Writing this to share my learning with integrating the Spring Data JPA and AWS Dynamo DB. Used the docker image to run this example in my local.

This article for the person who already have the basic understanding on the Spring boot and spring data JPA.

Spring and DynamoDB

AWS Dynamo local with docker

Install the docker in local and run the following command in local to run dynamoDB

docker run -p 8000:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local

check the dynamodb running in your local by the below command line.

aws2 dynamodb list-tables — endpoint-url http://localhost:8000

“TableNames”: []

Now Let’s configure the dynamo with Spring data JPA. …

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